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Technology/ IT Capabilities

Key challenges being faced by both the customers and logistics service providers are:

The buy/sell chain also generates lots of paperwork. There are a total number of 30 documents which are involved in the whole chain. The entire industry recognizes the need to automate the system and make this as paper less as possible. This can be achieved by automation of the processes and systems and using EDI instead of physical flow of paper in the chain.

To add value to the supply chain processes, we have taken the following initiatives:

Warehouse Management System Freight Management System Yard Management System

We are equipped with WMS Solutions for providing real time visibility and services to the customers.

Freight Forwarding Software offering integration of the entire chain.

To provide Yard management as per Global best practices we have our own Proprietary software which brings efficiency in operations and optimization of costs and manpower.

Global Back Office

Operational Back Office management to reduce cost and increase efficiency

To increase the operational efficiency while optimizing the costs for the same we provide Global Back Office services which provide complete operational handling for the customers. This not only takes care of the ballooning manpower and infrastructure costs, but also addresses the issues of attrition and getting quality operational manpower. We incorporate Global best practices in your systems without having to spend on the resources to do so.

Please contact us and we will provide solutions to meet your specific business requirement


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