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Logistics Solutions

Automotive Logistics

  • Packaging Solutions

    Evon Global Automotive Logistics solution Offers designing of Best in Class packaging solutions suitable to individual client needs with standard specification while keeping the focus on productivity of packaging activity, optimizing the packaging cost, taking care of damage/corrosion in Transit, ease of packaging and unpacking activity at origin and destination.
  • CKD Handling Operations for Exports and Imports

    Evon Global designs and implements solutions based on client's requirement to meet cubic space utilization for international movements keeping in mind the damage/corrosion/marking/labeling as per export/import regulations, consolidation/container stuffing/de-stuffing, tracking of kit from origin to destination, verification at destination and delivery to assembly plant or assembly line.
  • CBU Handling Operations for Exports and Imports

    Evon Global Offers packaging & shipping for a range of products like two-wheelers, cars, trucks, buses, heavy euipment, etc.
  • Finished Vehicle Yard Management System
    • Yard Management System
      • At Plant Yard
      • At Stock Yard
      • At Dealers Yard
      • At Port Yard
    • PDI – Pre Delivery Inspection services for exports and imports at port yard
    • Customs clearance and other formalities realated to customs related to inbound and outbound movement

    Evon Global has designed proprietary yard management system to meet diverse client requirement at plant and outside plant locations. Evon Global also offers designing of global processes for yard management along with providing manpower resources and management of same.
  • Returnable Container and Scrap Management

    Evon Global Offers comprehensive returnable packaging solutions and scrap management, reducing the carbon footprint and implementing environment friendly solutions.

Wine and spirits Logistics

Handling and storing fine wines and spirits requires expert care. Due to the different natures of wines and various kinds of liquor and spirits expert knowledge is required to handle the complexities of shipping, storing and distribution.

We are setting up our first bonded warehouse in New Delhi – specially designed (temperature and humidity controlled) dedicated to Wine, Liquor and spirits storage and handling.

We offer complete services for Wine and Spirits industry including warehousing services (both bonded and non-bonded), handling with Customs and Excise, and value added services designed to meet your specific requirements. We can set up the warehouse for your specific requirements or take over the existing warehouse operations and optimize the same to add value to your business.

Customized solutions are offered for transportation from the Breweries at Origins to India.

Local distribution is designed to meet your specific requirements.

We design solutions to enable you to save on the cash flows and reduce operational costs.

We assist in planning and shipping in bulk quantities instead of small quantities moving by air and bonding the stock on imports and de-bonding only at the time of sale, saving on freight costs, interest on duty payments, and having ready stock available for immediate sale.

We also offer solutions for shipping in bulk and bottling at destination. This results in enormous savings on freight costs and other related costs.

  • Warehousing Bonded and non-bonded
  • All import / export related services
  • Value added services
  • Distribution Management
  • Bespoke solutions for vintage wines

Transportation of Wine in Bulk - Flexi Tanks / Flexi bags


Flexitanks / Flexibags are soft packages used for transportation of non-hazardous liquid products and can be easily installed in 20ft standard containers eliminating the need of Bulk Containers for the transportation of liquids.They are for one time use and have a lifecycle of one year.

They meet all the food grade requirements and can be used to ship foodstuffs (wine, edible oils, fruit juices)

For wine transportation, a special film-EVOH is attached to the flexitank so the components are 4 layers PE + 1 Layer EVOH + 1 layer PP.  This makes it suitable to carry and transport wine.

Flexitanks do not have Insulation effect, but the EVOH film prevents oxidation.

Flexitank has a capacity of 24000 liters and is available in following types:

  • Top Load top discharge
  • Bottom Load bottom discharge
  • Top load bottom discharge

Samples for testing and complete specifications can be provided on request.

You can order the same as per your requirements – the delivery time is 10 days per container (containing 58 to 100 pieces per 20' container) plus the shipping time.

The Flexitanks have product liability insurance (amount: 5 million dollars) cover - if the flexitanks develop leaking on the transportation because of flexi tank manufacturing defect, you can claim it (Please request for details of claim procedure).

Each Flexi Tank has a unique tracking number which enables you to track the same.

Flexi Tanks help you save on the cost of transportation - 18 to 20 percent vis-à-vis shipping in bottles and crates by conventional containers, much more vis-à-vis shipping by air.

Environmental friendly as they help in recycling the bottles within the country of use.

We can set up customized bottling units – helping you to be close to the POS (point of sale) and have ready availability of goods for the market.

We also offer solutions to take care of Extreme Temperature Fluctuations during transportation.

Usage of Envirotuff Liner helps to protect moisture and temperature sensitive goods during transportation. Environtuff liner can be customized for 20', 40' and 40' hi cube ISO containers, rail containers, road containers and also individual pallets. Details can be provided on request.

E Retail Logistics

We offer complete services for distribution center management, managing inventory control and inbound services based on the order analysis, distribution management. Special focus is put on Cash on Delivery management so that the funds flow cycle is optimized. Please contact us and our specialist will discuss in detail to create solutions suited for your requirements.


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