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Privacy policy

We at Evon Global appreciate and respect your privacy and so we have drafted this Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as "this Policy"), which details how we handle your information. Privacy protection is our priority. As a practice, we review our information collection, storage and processing practices, including physical and logical security measures from time to time to guard against unauthorized access, corruption, theft and/or loss of our information data.

Kindly note that usage of our Services is subject to your absolute and unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.


  • Log-in Information shall refer to information that the User may be required to provide for accessing the Service or part thereof and shall include but may not be limited to name, company's name, email address, registered or postal address, contact number, occupation, language, user name, password, etc.
  • Financial Information shall refer to the information provided by the User for the online payments being made by the user for using our services.

    • User Information & Usage

      For accessing or using our Service, you may be required to provide certain Log-in and/or Financial Information (Log-in Information and Financial Information shall be hereinafter collectively referred to as "Information").

      All Information, disclosed by you shall be deemed to be disclosed willingly and without any coercion. No liability pertaining to the authenticity, misrepresentation, fraud, or negligence, etc. of the Information disclosed to us shall lie on Evon Global nor will we in any way be responsible to verify any information obtained from you.

      You agree and acknowledge that all Information gathered from you may be used by us for the following business purposes:

      • to maintain, develop, protect and improve our Services, manage your account, orders or subscriptions, etc;
      • for communication regarding important notices, changes in any of our user-related terms and conditions and policies, promotion and marketing purposes;
      • for internal purposes such as auditing, data analysis and research relating to our Services;
      • for aggregating and developing metrics so as to improve user experience and to also facilitate contextual and non-contextual offerings from Evon Global and authorized third parties;
      • for communicating the new and temporary password or user ID to the User, vide his/her registered email address, in the event he/she has forgotten the password or user ID of his/her account.

      Editing: You may access your account with us and edit your Log-in Information by choosing the 'Edit' option available under 'My Profile'.

      Deletion: In the event you wish to delete your account with us, you shall be required to send us an email on info@evon-global.com from your registered email address, stating your request for deletion of your account. Upon receipt of your email, we shall endeavor to respond to it within forty eighty (48) working hours. Also take note that if we see no log-in activity on your account for a continuous period of one (1) year, we shall be at liberty to delete your account or render it 'inactive'.

    • Collection of Information & Storage

      We shall collect the Information from you, about you or relating to third parties, during the following stages (if applicable), but not limited to the following stages:

      • When you subscribe for any of our Services;
      • When you login to the Evon Global portal, website or network of websites;
      • When you upload information and photographs;
      • When you share our content with third parties;
      • When you invite others to use our Services;
      • When you make any payments for our Services;

      We assure you that we shall collect only the Information which you voluntarily supply. You agree that all such Information gathered by Evon Global is public information and lawfully acquired.

      Further, all Information about you, including information about your internet connection, IP address, etc., may be used by us in our endeavors to cater to you, mindful of your interests, preferences and otherwise.

      All Information gathered by us shall be stored on secured servers and all password transactions shall be encrypted using Secured Socket Layer (SSL). You agree that Evon Global shall be at a liberty to retain all Information for a period of five (5) years.

      Children: We do not knowingly collect Information from children under thirteen (13) years of age. If we learn that we have collected the Information of a child under the age of thirteen (13) years we will take steps to delete the Information as soon as possible.

    • Collection of Information by Third-Party Sites and Advertisers

      Information relating to payment processing: you acknowledge that to complete the subscription process or to avail the Service from Evon Global, you will be required to make certain payment. Take note that Evon Global has engaged the services of a third party payment processing service provider (hereinafter referred to as the "Payment Service Provider"). You understand that once you reach the stage of payment processing you will be redirected to the website or webpage of the Payment Service Provider. All information required from you for the purposes of processing the payment (such as credit or debit card number, name of the card holders, CVV number, etc.) shall be given and collected by the Payment Service Provider and shall be governed by the terms of service and privacy policy of the Payment Service Provider without any recourse to Evon Global.Evon Global shall have no access to any and all information rendered by you on the website or webpage of the Payment Service Provider.

      Third party advertisers and links: Our website may contain links to other websites or other applications, whose privacy policies may be different to ours. You should consult the other sites' or applications' privacy policies as we have no control over information that is submitted to, or collected by, these third parties. On our websites, there may be third party advertisers and links who advertise their products and/or services. In no event will Evon Global be in any way liable for any activity of these third party advertisers and links, including collection of the User's information or tracking of the User's activity by such third party advertisers and links.

    • Disclosure

      You agree and acknowledge that Evon Global shall be at liberty to disclose the Information or part thereof to its agents, business partners, retailers, vendors, service providers, third party servers, advertisers and/or other business associates. However, we assure you that Evon Global shall restrict the access of Information to agents, business partners, retailers, vendors, service providers, third party servers, advertisers and/or other business associates only on a need-to-know basis and who are subject to confidentiality obligations and may be disciplined or terminated if they fail to meet such obligations.

    • Confidentiality

      Subject to Article 4 hereinabove, we at Evon Global endeavor to treat your Information as confidential and not cause any harm, theft, loss, unauthorized access, misuse within our storage system, alteration and destruction. In line with the priority for confidentiality, we request you to use SSL-enabled browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer, etc. as such browsers protect the confidentiality of our Information while it is transmitted over the internet. In the event any of our Services are discussed or disclosed in public forums such as chat rooms, you shall be responsible for the Information you may disclose on such forums to other users. You also agree and acknowledge that in accordance with Section 3 hereinabove, Evon Global shall not be privy to any information which you may render on the website or webpage of the Payment Service Provider, whether for the purposes of processing of your payment for availing or subscribing to EvonGlobal's Services or otherwise. Hence, no liability relating to the confidentiality of such information is cast upon Evon Global in any event whatsoever.

    • Legal Disclosure

      You agree that if so required by law or as per directions of the governmental agency, authority, court, etc., Evon Global may be required to disclose all your Information and in such an event Evon Global is in no manner responsible for informing you or seeking your prior approval.

    • Grievances

      In the event you have any grievances relating to the Policy, please inform us within twenty four (24) hours of occurrence of the instance from which the grievance has arisen, by writing an email to info@evon-global.com We shall respond to all grievances lodged with us, within thirty six (36) hours through emails, telephone calls, personal visits, etc.

    • Amendments

      Evon Global retains unconditional right to modify or amend this Policy without any obligation to give any notice to you.

    • Severability

      If any provision of this Privacy Policy is found to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, the validity, legality, and enforceability of any of the remaining provisions will not in any way be affected or impaired and a valid, legal, and enforceable provision of similar intent and economic impact will be substituted therefore.


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