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Corporate Social Responsibility

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

As a responsible company, we have an obligation to conduct our affairs honorably with highest ethical standards and responsibility for human rights, labour conditions and environment.

We must always respect basic human rights and labour conditions in the delivery and purchase of goods and services, including health, safety and environmental concerns. Evon Global expects its suppliers, customers and other partners to respect the principles in this Policy.

ETHICS: Evon Global is committed to the highest ethical standards and integrity in every aspect of our operations.

CORRUPTION: Evon Global shall work against all forms of corruption.

CORPORATE CULTURE: Passion, Integrity and trust play a major role in our internal and external dealings. Evon Global shall always be associated with socially and ethically responsible behavior, respect for human rights, good working conditions and sound business practices.

INTERNATIONAL PRINCILES AND RULES ON HUMAN RIGHTS, LABOUR, ENVIRONMENT & CORRUPTION: We support the ten principles on corporate social responsibility expressed in the UN Global Compact on respect for basic human rights, labour rights - including regulations against child and forced labour, environmental guidelines and rules against corruption.


EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES: We believe in inclusive management and governance. People focus is a key area. We are an organization of knowledge workers – adapting the policy of no bosses, everyone has the opportunity be a leader and grow. Every team member (we do not like to call them Employees) is an Owner of the organization.

DISCRIMINATION: We shall not participate in any discrimination based on sex, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, union membership, political affiliation, maternity, marital status or age towards any person, in matters of employment, retirement, educational benefits, advancement or termination of contracts. We respect the right of our team members to from and/or join unions or other association and encourage an atmosphere of open dialogue.

HEALTH, WORKING ENVIRONMENT AND SAFETY: We aim to provide a safe and healthy working environment at all working locations, in consideration of existing knowledge of activities and known risks. We shall take appropriate measures to prevent accidents and work related injuries. We will respect all applicable national and international laws and regulations in relation to health and safety matters and manage our company in accordance with a high standard and always strive for improvements.

ENVIRONMENT: We shall respect all applicable laws related to the environment, and conduct business with a view to contributing to a sustainable world. Environmental matters shall be considered in every aspect of our business.

We will aim to develop systems and services in order to achieve sustainable solutions with regard to financial and environmental benefits.

PARTNERS AND SUPPLIERS: We shall use appropriate methods to evaluate and select suppliers and partners. We shall ensure and document that, suppliers and partners respect this policy.

QUALITY POLICY: “We will provide logistics services in an Ethical, Economical, Environmental & Socially beneficial manner, while implementing Global Standards.”


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